Multimodal Transportation Services

Air transportation

The main advantages of air transportation are speed, security and is the best mode of transportation for land – locked countries

We can organize and concede air transportations for any type of cargo for all destinations of the world. There are no obstacles. We also provide additional options such as delivery/dispatch of cargo from/to the airport, transshipment and unloading if necessary. You can contact us and check the status of the cargo at any time in the process of shipping

Air Transportation Services
Road transportation

Road transportation

Road transportation = speed, availability, dependability and frequency

  • We can organize road transportation in many ways on international and domestic markets
  • We are offering high coverage, door – to – door services, high average speed, safety and flexibility and high - capacity utilisation, tracking information 24/7, additional cargo insurance

We can organize the following types of road transport vehicles:

  • Trailer and tautliner trucks – FTL or LTL options with full dimensions of truck 13.6 m and full capacity of 24 t (all type of cargo)
  • Mega trucks – FTL or LTL options with high of 3m
  • Smaller vehicles or vans
  • Hauler trucks - for transporting cars, vans, light trucks, special loads, boats and any other load cargo up to 16t

Rail transportation

Rail transportation = speed, dependability and especially capability to transport larger quantities of cargo

  • Terminal – to – terminal traffic
  • We can offer international rail transport in case when the cargo come from overseas countries, and it is necessary to transport the cargo from/to the port terminal to the final destinations
  • Potential intermodal cargo trains from China to Europe and from Europe to China
  • Additional cargo insurance
  • For more information feel free to contact us
Rail transportation
Sea transportation

Sea transportation

The main advantage of sea transportation is low variable cost and capability to uplift and transport large volumes of cargo

The services we offer are:

  • Sea transportation over the whole world from/to all sea - ports
  • Delivery /dispatch of cargo to/from sea - ports to final destinations
  • Transshipment and unloading of cargo
  • Additional cargo insurance
  • Tracking information 24/7