About us

ArrsLog d.o.o.

  • The company Arrslog Ltd. specializes in providing logistics services, primarily in the organization of international and domestic transport for all types of cargo through the air, road, rail and sea segments.
  • Main and key features of our business are accessibility, credibility, diligence and top organization
  • We provide logistics services to our clients with quality, with the shortest delivery time and at affordable prices
Logističke usluge

Customer-Tailored Logistic Services

  • At the same time, we participate in minimizing overall client costs since transportation cost is often the largest variable logistics cost
  • The supply chain is an umbrella term for all functions in the company, which must be as efficient as possible in order to achieve the effectiveness of the business and logistics is one of the important segments of the supply chain
  • Therefore, contact us with confidence as our mission is to enhance transport and logistics with much greater capacity